Aerospace Dream Tour: Day 1

The Start

The drive from Ann Arbor to Chicago’s O’Hare airport wasn’t without its trials. Our four-car motorcade started the journey at 12PM EST. After about an hour we indulged in some Culver’s Butter Burgers! Great choice for sure!! Smooth so far…

Parking in Downtown Chicago??

We proceeded to program our GPS units to “The Parking Spot” by the airport. Somehow the address we selected led us to downtown Chicago! So maybe we took a slight detour, but for the many Chicago first-timers, the experience was well worth our miscalculations. Did I mention we gave ourselves eight hours to get from Ann Arbor to Chicago (usually a 4.5 hour drive)?  We arrived with plenty of time to spare, but I sure am glad we took the precaution.

The Parking Spot

After some searching, we finally stumbled across our parking destination. Of course this was no easy task. “The Parking Spot” isn’t really called the parking spot, but instead went by some other name, which was completely unrelated. We scrambled to type in the mystery parking company into our cell phones to find “The Parking Spot” logo at the bottom of the webpage.  So we handed our keys to the nice gentleman and took our ticket. Let me add that it’s kind of scary knowing that we literally gave them our vehicles and in return we have a piece of paper in our possession. No other information taken… I’m sure we’re all praying that our cars will be there when we get back.

The Terminal

Due to the nature of the trip and size of the airplanes we split up our group between American Airlines & United Airlines. My group flying American, made it past security with the usual hassle. Only one of our bags got the extra search. Luckily none of us got the “extra” search, so we can’t complain too much. After a brief dinner at the terminal‘s “Chilis,” we were all set to wait for our flight to board.

This is where we are so far in our journey. I write this to you from over 31,000ft in the air. Should be arriving at LAX by 10:20pm PST. Check our flight route here.

 JPL and Boeing tours are on the agenda for tomorrow. Keep checking back for more updates!


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