Aerospace Dream Tour: Day 2 JPL & Boeing

Entrance to JPL

The 2nd day of the Aerospace Dream Tour with 16 University of Michigan AIAA members took place today. Apparently we brought the terrible weather with us, because it rained all day and it was quite chilly. Hopefully we can get back to some sun and warmth for the rest of the week.

Enough about the weather! We have some good ol’ fashioned aerospace touring to do! The Jet Propulsion Laboratory and Boeing’s C-17 Globemaster III are on the agenda!!


We arrived in Pasadena an hour early (didn’t want to chance the rush hour traffic). Now the fun begins:

University of Michigan group picture in front of JPL

The group enjoying the thermal imaging system at JPL

Mars Science Laboratory (MSL). Kind of reminds me of Johnny 5 from Short Circuit

Engineer at JPL using the iHandy app on his iPhone to find the inclination of the MSL. Apple should really make a commercial about this. Sorry Droid users 🙂

Here is the area they always show on the Mars Rover documentaries. This area also tracks the satellites that JPL has sent out. This was great to see!

Notice the cloudy weather we got to experience in SoCal. I've been told that it hasn't rained orA few of the guys checking out an old ion thruster that was made at JPL.

A JPL employee giving a great explanation about the electric propulsion thrusters that they are working on. We also toured many of JPL's vacuum chambers, such as the green one pictured.

even been cloudy in over three months here. What happened ?!?!

Boeing C-17 Globemaster III Facility

We had a great tour of the C-17 production line. What an amazing airplane and impressive facility.


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