Steve Harris grew up in Howell, MI but has lived in Paris, France and Madeira, Portugal. He is currently a senior in Aerospace Engineering and is planning to graduate with a BSE in 2012. Steve has been active in AIAA since coming to the University of Michigan and started Presidential duties in January 2011. He is an active member of the Michigan Jet Engine Team, serving as the Safety Officer since Winter 2010. Steve is also a member of Sigma Gamma Tau, which is the aerospace engineering honor society at Michigan. While in school, Steve also acts as a tour guide for the Aerospace Engineering department.

Before attending Michigan, Steve worked in management, overseeing over 100 employees for six years, and performed as a district trainer for more than 15 stores for companies such as Best Buy and Circuit City and Office Depot. Steve enjoys business acumen and envisions himself as a future executive of a leading aerospace company. His passion in business is in people development and goal-oriented success.

Steve is, in every sense of the word, a “dreamer.” Ever since he was a child he has been fascinated with airplanes and still to this day looks in the sky every time he hears a plane. He enjoys R/C aircraft, reading aerospace related writings, and is currently pursuing his Private Pilot License. Steve is also a member of the Michigan Cycling team, and spends his free-time enjoying the open road.

Upon graduation from the University of Michigan, Steve hopes to begin work with a leading aerospace propulsion manufacturer, working his way to the top of the ladder to reach his ultimate goal of executive.



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