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Top 10 iPhone Apps for College Students

Sometimes I wonder if there’s anyway I could have gotten through school without my iPhone (well I  actually have a month left!). The usefulness of this device can only be defeated by how much it can truly distract you, unless you keep a disciplined list of apps. Below are my recommendations for awesome iPhone apps that helped me get through my engineering curriculum.

1.) Evernote

This has to be hands down the most useful app a college student could every use. With great handwriting recognition, just take a photo of a board from class or a study group and it’s saved, but better yet, you can do a search for a word, and by PFM (Pure Fricken Magic) it can find it. This app is also great for taking notes in class!

2.) Dropbox

I use this app daily! I love having all of my notes and files in one easy place. Now you don’t need to pull out your laptop on the bus to look over a presentation or paper you’re about to submit, just open this app and there are all your wonderful school files!

3.) Wolfram Alpha

Sure I have a Ti-89, but this app can do WAY MORE! It doesn’t just do math problems either. One can get answers for a variety of classes such as economics, chemistry, physics, but it is truly awesome at calculus and linear algebra.

4.) New York Times

One of the best ways to get your brain productive in the morning is to read right away. I read the top headlines every morning to stay current and exercise the mind. A useful app for the boring bus ride to and from class.

5.) myHomework

Tracks homework, classes, projects and tests with ease while syncing information to for review. Once your class schedule and assignments have been entered, you’ll receive notifications of due dates regarding to your work.

6.) StudyBlue

This app is great for making flash cards for classes, but that’s not all. Someone may have already done the work for you!! This app will find others in your classes and show you the materials that they’ve uploaded. This has saved me a great deal of time, especially in my Material Sciences class, where a ton of flash cards were already created. Profit!

7.) Wikipanion
Against the will of professors throughout the world, Wikipedia stays the primary investigate put a stop to for each university student studying a paper. To enable that entry around the fly, Wikipanion is usually a cost-free app that allows you to remotely search and look into Wikipedia’s seemingly countless database of entries.

8.) iTunes U

This has really come in handy for classes that I didn’t exactly understand even when taking awesome notes and coming to class daily (ok maybe that’s most of my classes). I love all the calculus and physics lectures from MIT here. It really helps having another professor give an explanation for the same material.

9.) Spotify

You have to have music in your life! Whether you’re partying, bored, or studying for an exam, a little music never hurt anyone. In the case of the movie, “Iron Eagle,” it actually helps! I think this is a no-brainer, queue up some classical and soak in the knowledge!!

10. ) Mint

The life of a student revolves around money for many reasons: cars, food, clothing, supplies and many more. This personal finance app is a perfect guide to help students create a budget and stretch their money too. With a budget set, inputting a point-of-transactions will track your overall expenses.

Please let me know what apps have helped you get through College or High School.

Engineering Student Specific Apps


On a recent trip to the Jet Propulsion Laboratory (JPL) engineers and scientists even use their iPhone with great success. Pictures here is an engineer using their iPhone to find the inclination of the newest Mars Rover (MSL). Got to love it!



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